Dr. Dillon Remmick



Angela Remmick


Dr. Dillon Remmick and Angela Remmick, FLADr. Dillon Remmick is a Chiropractor and owner of Activate Metabolics Centers and HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab in Baxter. He knows that his purpose on this planet is to touch, teach, and inspire millions of people to live the life they deserve!

Dr. Remmick specializes in corrective chiropractic and health and wellness for everyone. He is constantly creating new health development programs for his practice members and his community. His special interest are in health and wellness for life and has completed his CCWP (certified chiropractic wellness practitioner) training.

Dr. Remmick resides in Baxter with his wife, Angela, his daughter Brekken, and son Simon. He enjoys spending time with his family, working out, snowmobiling, wakeboarding, and snowboarding.

Dr. Remmick’s mission is to create a community of families and individuals living wellness lifestyles, changing thousands of people’s lives… one patient at a time.

Angela Remmick is the Fat Loss Advocate at Brainerd Weight Loss & Wellness Center MN. She has a bachelor degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and a master degree in Occupational Therapy. Angela has a passion for helping others live life to the fullest through health and nutrition.

Angela helps clients in the office reach their weight loss and health goals alongside with Dr. Remmick. She is passionate about teaching people about nutrition and their bodies to life the lifestyle they desire.

Angela Resides in Baxter with her husband Dillon Remmick, and two children Brekken and Simon. She enjoys family time, movies, finding and learning new hobbies and enjoying a good glass of wine.